People of Europe – Who are we really?

The blog People of Europe comes from a place of simple curiosity. Marie Groth Kruse and Anne Chahine have for a long time been wondering about questions such as: “Who is European? Who feels European? What makes one European?”

The offical motto of the EU, “United in Diversity”, came into use in 2000. But over time one is left wondering if this idea has ever been recognized, experienced or lived by its very own people. In the midst of times of political, cultural and identical turmoil for the European Union, questions of belonging and what European identity is, are left lingering – the question is, how do we identify with Europe, as Europeans – even as non-Europeans perhaps?

This project seeks to give voice to that exact question from the people of Europe themselves, and tries to add stories to the actual experiences of Europeans, whatever those might be.

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