Anne Chahine


Anne Chahine is a practice-based researcher with an interest in the multivocal nature of memory, history and heritage and its effect on the individual as well as society in a broader sense. Anne is currently based in Aarhus, Denmark where she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Aarhus University. She holds an M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Freie Universität Berlin and has a bachelor degree in Media Design with the focus on audiovisual media and games.

Within the field of visual anthropology, she is interested in using visual media to describe and analyse culture and as a way of constructing knowledge. One important goal in her professional life is to make research visible and accessible to a broad audience; inside and outside of academia.

Her short documentaries Memory is Not About the Past (2017 | 19min | Germany), Beirut in Two Words (2014 | 29min | Lebanon) and Looking for Mr. Right Now (2015 | 15min | Germany) were invited to various film festivals, such as the Society for Visual and Media Anthropology Film Media Festival, USA – 2016, NAFA Filmfest Bergen, Norway – 2016, Ethnocineca Vienna, Austria – 2015 and the Lebanese Film Festival Australia – 2014.

Anne has worked in the fields of media installation and theatre production since 2004 and founded her own business, Pixelmarie, as the sole proprietor. She has experience in project management and consulting, content creation, show control and video design and has worked on a wide range of productions around the world. The most loyal companion during that time was her camera, which helped her remember those trips as something more than sheer work. Her book Roaming the Cities was published in 2014 and is a collection of photographs from that period in her life, that portrays her personal perceptions of Beirut, Tokyo, Beijing, Yerevan, London and New York.